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Precision flowmeters

Our company develops and manufactures top quality precision flowmeters. We  specialise in the field of both large and small precision flowmeters. The offer includes a wide range of mechanical and non-contact recision flowmeters. We attach great importance to the development of (individual) solutions that grow our customers and drive business forward. Quality and service are important to us and appreciated worldwide. Our company provides recision flowmeters world wide with fast shipping option. Feel free to contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Flowmeter calculation

Precision flowmeters are used for the precise measurement of liquid flow rates, regardless of density, temperature or viscosity. The devices operate on the run-time difference method and have smart electronics with auto-calibration, which allows different media to be measured without recalibration. For each device size, two different measuring ranges can be set via dip switches. The update time is also adjustable via dip-switches. The housing of the ultrasonic flowmeter is made of brass. Since the sensors are integrated in the pipe wall, recision flowmeters cause practically no additional pressure loss.


Flowmeter Pressure

Precision flowmeters packs gas, vapour, and liquid measurement capabilities commonly available only on large instruments in a compact, flow computer. The instrument can operate with a single lithium battery pack for more than 1 year, making it ideal for remote locations where power supply options are limited. Precision flowmeters are an inexpensive replacement of the chart recorder, an independent tote, and a flow computer, all in one.


Flowmeter scanning

It measures and computes standard volumes of gas, steam, petroleum liquids, and generic liquids with a high degree of accuracy. These measurements are typically based on the differential pressure outputs of an orifice plate or cone meter, or the linear output of a turbine pulse, a positive displacement or a vortex flow meter. This combination is ideal for measuring the gas and water associated with methane operations of the coal layer by combining the inputs of the differential pressure and the static pressure.

Precision flowmeter


Gas turbine meters can be easily mounted on a pipe. A filter is provided with meters which protects the turbine from dust and outside material. The mounting position can be decided by the user and the gas flow is marked on the top of the gas turbine meter for correct placement.