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CAMERON MC-II Flow Analyzer

NUFLOTM MC-IITM Flow Analyzer from Cameron offers separate, continuous digital flow displays and cumulative flow based on Nufo or Barton ® fluid or gas turbine flow meter input.Comparatively smaller consumption of its liquid crystal displays and its CMOS microprocessors allow years of reliable results from a single lithium battery life.

CAMERON MC-II Specifications

In any desired volumetric unit, the total measured readings can be done and flow rates can be measured in units per second, minute, hour or day. The rate and sum are calibrated with the MC-II front keyboard quickly and easily. The tool is suitable for indoor installation and does not require additional climate safety. The device can be installed or connected directly to the turbine meter independently. The device can be installed or connected directly to the turbine meter independently. The NuFlo MC-II Flow Analyzer combines with a turbine flow meter to accurately represent acquired flow and flow rate in a user-friendly battery-powered tool. The microprocessor circuitry of the MC-II includes the pulse generated by an additional flow meter, converts the data to volume and frequency values according to calibration settings and shows the total data on two six digit LCDs.

The upper LCD shows full fluid; the upper LCD displays fluid flow rate. The MC-II has no internal potentiometers, jumpers or dip switches. The MC-II automatically calculates the divider when you provide the complementary flowmeter calibration factor for applications that rely on standard engineering units. With the simple layout of MC-II it is possible to save quantities in non-volatile memory by pressing a key on the keyboard or restarting the full display. A password protection safety function prevents illegal personnel from changing the calibration or building up the tool volume data. The safety feature can be activated or disabled using the keypad.