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Nothing compares with the state-of – the-art NUFLO MC-III EXP explosion-proof data recording liquid and gas measurement totalizer and Modbus ® links in an easy to use explosion-proof totalizer.

CAMERON MC-III EXP Specifications

The NUFLO MC-III EXP flow explosion proof stores and releases more flow records in the industry than any other. This powerful system documents and transmits up to 384 regular flow documents and 768 hourly documents to your computer. Now present as a stand-alone totalizer or as a full setup (ATEX / IECEX). The Cameron NUFLOTM MC-IIITM EXP Flow Analyser offers state-of – the-art fluid and gas measurement with data logging and Modbus ® connections in an explosion proof totalizer that is easy to use. The MC-III EXP demonstrates and publishes more flow information than any other fluid analyser for the sector.

This unit registers flow logs and returns them in less than one minute to your computer through Modbus. The MC-III EXP is intended to produce accurate output in the harshest and most dangerous areas of the globe. The MC-III EXP combines or preamplifies a petrol or fluid engine meter. Users can choose a signal input, a wave compressor, or an enhanced flow meter for the calculation of flow rates and volume by distant devices. The MC-III EXP is as easy to calibrate as joining the flow meter calibration box and choosing the equipment you want. The tool calculates its own splitter automatically. The broad range of complete and interval device choices enables customers to tailor displays, controllers and inputs to particular requirements. Even first time users can receive updates in minutes with the built-in guide, which guides users step by step through the assembly phase.